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FENS 2019

Dear Guests, we would like to inform you, that the buses from Warsaw to Świerk will be departing according to the following timetable:


7:10 Car park of the IBIS REDUTA Hotel, Bitwy Warszawskiej Street 16

7:20–25 Bus stop CENTRUM 05


7:30 Car park of the IBIS REDUTA Hotel, Bitwy Warszawskiej Street 16

7:40–45 Bus stop CENTRUM 05


7:30 Car park of the IBIS REDUTA Hotel, Bitwy Warszawskiej Street 16

7:40–45 Bus stop CENTRUM 05

The buses will have a characteristic sign „Świerk”.


BUS Swierk 3
BUS Swierk 1

The Organizing Committee assessed the submitted abstracts and made decisions regarding the qualification of the works for lecture and poster sessions. Information about the work status can be found by logging into your account of the participant. Persons who need an official confirmation of accepting work for the conference are invited to contact the organizers directly.

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FENS 2019 - 10th Polish Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Sciences

3-5 July, NCBJ, Otwock - Świerk

The aim of the conference is to present the possibilities of implementing common physics tools in economy and social sciences. The application of physics in those problems resulted in creation of new branches of science: econophysics and social physics, which demonstrate its surprising open-mindedness and multidisciplinary possibilities. It is a direct and real engagement of basic science’s research potential in the country’s economic and social growth through search for solutions to particular socio-economic problems. Research in these fields is substantial in opening up new possibilities of describing and understanding social and economic phenomena.

In Poland, sociophysics and econophysics are developing very rapidly. Position of the Polish community working on those topics is highly regarded all over the world, which is proven by international nature of periodic conferences FENS. Subject of the conference is not only to erect a bridge between basic science and their use in practical socio-economic matters, but also to strengthen the multidisciplinary nature of this research and to popularize the achievements and tool constructed in physics community to social sciences. The conference will serve as an overview of socio- and econophysical research conducted worldwide, including Poland, of course. A wide range of the best lecturers from national and international research institutes ensures the high conference impact

We expect that the publications presented at the conference will describe methodology, theory, models, methods and techniques, as well as specific applications, developed primarily in the framework of physics (especially statistical physics and condensed matter physics), mathematics (most of all financial mathematics) as well as applied computer science (especially numerical and agent-based modelling), which can be implemented to describing socio-economic phenomena and processes. Our plans provide for around 60 presentations on various topics, which guarantees an attractive and comprehensive conference. Two panel discussions will be held, providing a chance to connect with the most distinguished scientists from the world elite.

Traditionally, it is already planned to publish conference materials in the Acta Physica Polonica A noted in the Philadelphia list within the Open Access formula. It has at least two positive aspects: thanks to the publications of international conference participants, it promotes the Polish scientific journal, and thanks to the open access it facilitates the dissemination of the achievements of, among others, Polish conference participants.

The importance of FENS 2019 conference for Polish scientific community (especially for young scientists and students) is even higher than usual, as this is already tenth edition of the symposium organized systematically by Section of Polish Physical Society (on average once every 1,5 year) starting from 2004. It is because of this continuity we have managed to achieve such high position worldwide and careers of young Polish researchers are constantly thriving. World-class research and its wide promotion have an impact on higher interest in studying basic science, which builds such and innovative human resources, one of the most important parts of our country’s success. Research in both socio- and econophysics translates in many cases into better understanding of social phenomena, which in turn has direct impact on social and economic growth of our country.

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